2018 in a nutshell!


We <3 Banbury – ‘Good Things to Engross Near Banbury Cross’ 

Whilst technically belonging under the degree heading, this was my first public exhibition of the year. It hung out in a shop window in Banbury for about a month. You can read about it in more detail here.

Featured Artist – Church Lane Gallery

A selection of work on the display wall at Church Lane Gallery. Some of the Good Things to Engross… series, my reduction cut of Parson’s Street and a couple of others. I learned a lot about how I can better display my work from this exhibition. 

Hatched 2018 @ The Jam Factory, Oxford

Jill Amplified – reduction linocut of my muse Jill leading a protest for Save Oxfordshire’s Childrens Centres in Oxford. I was selected for this exhibition and that gave me so much confidence! 

Banbury Art Fest

It was lovely to return for a second year to Banbury ArtFest. I’m already looking forward to 2019. 


National Saturday Art and Design Club

As well as the two lino related groups I have done this year for Nat Sat Club, I have also had the privilege of facilitating the sessions on a regular basis. This has been everything from screenprinting to visiting Someset House, Central St Martins, the Royal Academy and more! Blog posts about it here and here

Linocut for Beginners at The Artery

A small but lovely linocut class I led for The Artery. Two beautiful pieces were created on a drizzling autumn Saturday. I will be teaching the same course in May.

My Degree

I finished my degree in May and graduated in August. The last year of my degree I focused fully on lino; a decision that massively improved my technique and the quality of my work. My final piece was a commentary on Borderline Personality Disorder. 

My Art! 

I think the best thing to do is to direct you to my printmaking portfolio for a taster of what I have created this year. I have done a lot; still have a few bits to put up including this years christmas card and a couple of test prints I created this afternoon. I am feeling more confident in my work and planning a new series – Invicta for my next exhibition. 

Looking Ahead

In 2019 I am planning to get my online shops sorted, teach more lino for Nation Saturday Art and Design club, classes at The Artery and Banbury Museum, and so far at least one exhibition. I want 2019 to be the year I consolidate everything I have learned in the past year to make it work for me. 

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