Collaborative Printmaking with the National Saturday Art & Design Club

I didn’t mean to leave it quite so long between blog posts, or for them to both be about the Nat Sat Club but life has been quite busy since leaving University! In that time I’ve got a full time job, celebrated my graduation and run a lino workshop at The Artery.

My last teaching engagement of this year was with the students and parents of our National Saturday Art and Design Club. In designing the workshop I was mindful of having a large group, with a limited amount of time (3 hours) and wanted to create something that was large scale but could also go home with them. 

Originally, I was thinking of bricks of some manner, but couldn’t push the idea any further! My rather excellent Fiance then suggested windows, and a great idea was born! 

A very quick carve I did as a demonstration

To get the most out of our time together, I explained the rudiments of lino, handed out some examples of linoprints featuring windows and some pretty window inspiration and let them get cracking! 


After they had carved their designs, we took them over and inked them. I rolled out some blue, yellow and orange inks for the colour layer and we inked the backs of the plates. 

Drawing registration marks before printing the first layer

This was a little bit tricky when using the proofing press, as they were different depths depending on what they had carved, but we got there 🙂 

Once this was inked the plates were washed and inked with black on the reverse to be run through the press again. As the back is the reverse of the front they wont match up exactly, but I think that gives it that charming “craft” look, don’t you? 

Blue two-colour print. 

I really like the delicacy of the cuts on this, especially the way the stem has been cut away, and the flow of the cut marks on the window pane. 

Our final piece

What remained was to print them all together. We got a big roll of paper (see below!) and armed with my trusty baren brought them all together. 

I love the variety and complexity of the ideas – some are outside looking in, some inside looking out. I’m pleased by the proliferation of cats, locations and seasons. They are just beautiful combined. 

Having to kneel on the table in order to reach to cut! Short printmaker problems 😉 

We will be working on some more lino in the new year but with a different (and fun!) end goal. I am also going to be teaching more classes in Banbury in 2019. 

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