New Year, New Blog

One of my final acts for 2015 was to post¬†something to this blog. I still have the rest of the site to get up, but there is a page for our Winter Showcase Exhibition, so I’ll call that a win. ¬†Hopefully I will be able to add some “press” to the page soon. It would be nice to write a post about my experience of setting it up, but I have to say it was pretty straightforward, so I’m unsure if it would be a useful read or not!

The primary aim of this blog is to share my experiences of college – and hopefully university – as a mature student. I am really enjoying my course and the art I’m producing, so I’m pretty enthusiastic to share that! My current aim is to finish off my sketchbook for the Body Project, submit my UCAS application and prepare my portfolio for interview.

— Kitty

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