2017 has broken with the typical type of wet Sunday you’d expect. Its a gift to everyone sorely in need of a duvet day. For once, that isn’t me, the fire to get things up and running for the year is firmly lit!

My Christmas cards for 2016. A Christmas Bauble lino cut. I made 4 variations of this, 3 with red, blue and yellow in rotation and 1 that is just black. Lino is definitely something I want to work and improve on over the next year, and hopefully create some prints for my Etsy Shop.

Lino hasĀ really taken off this year, it was my friends at The Artery’s best seller, and rightly so as its a fab process and you can do it at home without too much fuss. If you’re in the Oxfordshire area, Barry is running a class on Lino Prints in February.

I have finished my first semester on my FdA course, and it is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive environment, I have access to all the processes I could wish for and am challenged and pushed outside my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to starting a major project in a couple of weeks, I can’t wait to see what comes of it! I am blogging as part of my FdA over at KittyAF.

I had intended to write a post about the Access Course I was enrolled on last year, and I still do, so sit tight! I have a lot to say about the importance of this sort of course existing; without it I wouldn’t be where I am now!

Lastly, plans for 2017 as an artist separate from my student work. I picked up two concertina sketchbooks from a local charity shop a couple of months ago with a germ of an idea for 2017 in my mind. In 2015 I spent 6 months doodling every day, but called a halt to it because of the time constraints of my Access Course. The benefits of daily practice were massive though and I now have 6 months worth of ideas sitting in my studio for when I need inspiration. I’m still hashing out the rules for my 2017 project but I can tell you that it will be weekly and is likely to involve watercolour or ink illustration as I want to brush up on both of those! I reckon I can get 52 weeks out of the two sketchbooks.

My other plan is to set up my Etsy shop. Depending on time and inspiration it will be a mix of: zines, prints, cards and hopefully some acrylic items. Exciting times!

Wishing you all a creative and happy 2017.

Banbury International

On Saturday, 16th July Visit Banbury are hosting an event – Banbury International – in the Community Garden behind Naomi’s Cafe. It is going to be an event full of music, art and food celebrating the strengths of our multicultural town and hopefully promoting unity and camaraderie.

We decided to be the catalyst for a wider group of people to be able to show that they too were standing in solidarity with their neighbours regardless of race nationality or ethnicity.
— Visit Banbury

If you want to read more about how the event came to be, pop over to the Visit Banbury blog: Banbury International.

[A poster showing a painting of Banbury Cross, with information about the event on it]

More details about Banbury International can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

It is a pleasure to be part of the group of Artists working on this event, especially as not only is it a cause dear to my heart thanks to my upbringing, but part of the reason I settled in Banbury in the first place. As an artist, you can’t help but to grow up and into the environment around you, and diversity and learning from people’s experiences is an important part of that.

As well as being involved in the creation and running of the art and craft activities, I look forward to sharing with you all exactly what I have planned for my piece, it’s the biggest thing I have ever done, so needless to say I am rather excited!