Banbury ArtFest 2017

Last weekend, myself and Victoria (of Victoria Anne Illustrations & Design) had a stall at Banbury ArtFest. This was the inaugural event; organised by Artist, Art Shop and Gallery owner Barry Whitehouse.

The plan was to house 30+ of the areas Artists and makers demonstrating their work in one place during the Banbury & District Show, an annual event organised by Banbury Town Council, so that the public could see how the art is made. With such a warm, sunny day, you couldn’t have asked for better weather to bring out the crowds!

Banbury & District Show

For our stall we decided to showcase Linocutting (me) and rubber stamp making (Victoria), with a bit of knitting thrown in! We are working on the format of our knitting event/s so stay tuned for more information on that soon.

Our Stall

I started the day by carving a design I had already sketched out in my sketchbook. It’s a vintage stand mixer to accompany the retro bowl and spoon print you can just about see in the background.

©Modern Parlance Photos

[Note: I’m removing a bit of lino from the tool in this pic, do not carve with your free hand near the tool, they are super sharp. Use a corner tool to keep the lino steady!]

I ended the day working on a linocut of the goats that were in the pop-up farm outside the tent. I’ve never carved animals before, perhaps it was the influence of the wonderful Melanie Charles and her animal portraits, as she was based beside us for the day!

It’s all ready to be inked now, when I have done so I will pop up a photo on my instagram.

The highlights of the day were being able to spend time surrounded by so many talented, creative people and having the opportunity to chat to them, as well as talking to the general public about what we were working on and about our course. We are so lucky to live in a community that is so richly populated by artists! It was also interesting how the main connection most people have with lino is from carving lino at school. This was something we definitely didn’t do; I was completely fresh to it as a medium about 18 months ago. My favourite responses were definitely from children; it’s really enjoyable to explain the process.

I think we learned a lot about how we’re going to market our work in the future, and how we can draw interest to our work. We’re already planning for next year!

I now have some work for sale at Church Lane Gallery. A linoprint of Church Lane and one of my retro bowl prints!

Banbury International

On Saturday, 16th July Visit Banbury are hosting an event – Banbury International – in the Community Garden behind Naomi’s Cafe. It is going to be an event full of music, art and food celebrating the strengths of our multicultural town and hopefully promoting unity and camaraderie.

We decided to be the catalyst for a wider group of people to be able to show that they too were standing in solidarity with their neighbours regardless of race nationality or ethnicity.
— Visit Banbury

If you want to read more about how the event came to be, pop over to the Visit Banbury blog: Banbury International.

[A poster showing a painting of Banbury Cross, with information about the event on it]

More details about Banbury International can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

It is a pleasure to be part of the group of Artists working on this event, especially as not only is it a cause dear to my heart thanks to my upbringing, but part of the reason I settled in Banbury in the first place. As an artist, you can’t help but to grow up and into the environment around you, and diversity and learning from people’s experiences is an important part of that.

As well as being involved in the creation and running of the art and craft activities, I look forward to sharing with you all exactly what I have planned for my piece, it’s the biggest thing I have ever done, so needless to say I am rather excited!